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Hindi Day Dinner [CYOB]

It was hardly a surprise that when I brought my good friend Sirma home to spend Thanksgiving with the Little Word Bites family, the Turkey/Turkey questions and puns were ceaseless. That’s because Sirma… Continue reading

A Little Word on Gluten-Free Friendsgiving

…So there may have been a cheese board with Cranberry Walnut bread I flew home with me from La Farm Bakery, in North Carolina, that I have kept frozen for a special occasion.… Continue reading

A Little Word on Vegetarian Thanksgivings – Leftovers [A Double-Dip Day Day]

Thanksgiving weekend may be coming to a close, but our fridge is still stuffed with traditional Thanksgiving leftovers. My father’s vegan stuffing and my aunt’s cranberry sauce are among the dishes taking up… Continue reading

A Little Word on Vegetarian Thanksgivings [A Double-Dip Day]

After hours of preparation and cooking, Thanksgiving came, and brought with it a dozen varieties of vegetables, including delicious housemade sauces and glazes, and more vegetarian and vegan options than I’m used to… Continue reading

A Little Vegan Thanksgiving [Preview]

Hello my litte tofurkeys! It’s the night before Thanksgiving, which means I haven’t stepped away from the stove all day. Because I’m continuing to celebrate Vegan Month, I asked if my family would… Continue reading

A Little Word on the Boston Food Swap

Since the summer of 2011, Bostonians have been gathering at Space With a Soul to share their homegrown, handcrafted, homebaked goodies. This month’s Boston Food Swap, held today, featured many delicious products, including… Continue reading