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A Little Word on Simplifying Your Diet

Every now and then, something happens that makes you stop in your tracks and reevaluate everything that you’re doing and everything you are.  Sometimes, it’s the life-altering bolt of grief that comes with sickness, death, or heartbreak.… Continue reading

Unwrapped: A Little Foodie Gift Guide, Belated or Otherwise [The Mouthful Morsel]

Perhaps I should have done this before the gift-giving holidays ended.  But in my family, we prefer belated gifts, shopping together, and making exchanges. Yesterday, I picked out my very first garlic press, as part… Continue reading

A Little Word on Tiny Treats [The Traveling Bite]

With surprise family visits and spontaneous trips to Boston, I couldn’t find a minute to finish up my weekend mouthful about my travels abroad until today! Many apologies for the delay. In a… Continue reading

A Little Word on Graze [The Traveling Bite]

Since arriving in London nearly a month ago, I have struggled to maintain a healthy and satisfying diet. With a limited kitchen, unusual products, extensive traveling and eating-out, and the high-cost of food,… Continue reading

A Little Word on Mini Toast

My latest discovery is the unrealistically cute mini toast, from Trader Joe’s.  At only 40 calories for 5 mini toasts, I’ve made it my mission to find all the different ways to serve… Continue reading