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Where To Bite – Narcissa [East Village, NY]

I first encountered Narcissa while attending an unlikely concert in the invite-only, basement club Chez Andre at The Standard East Village. It was a twangy, country performance of Mississippi River byways and backwater blues.… Continue reading

Where To Bite Before a Show [Boston, MA]

After seeing the ballet at the Boston Opera House, or before a late night showing of Oz at AMC Loewes, theater-goers have a massive number of restaurants in Boston’s Theater District to choose… Continue reading

Kelp and Enoki Soy Salad – CYOB

Create Your Own Bite #21 1 Cup Dried Kombu Kelp or Seaweed, Rehydrated 1 Cup Napa Cabbage, Chopped 1 Ounce Enoki Mushrooms, Cleaned 1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce 1/4 Teaspoon Sesame Oil 1/8 Teaspoon… Continue reading

A Little Word on Beef-Less Ground Beef

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone! When it comes to celebrating the luck of the Irish, no city does it better than Boston.  For the past 72 hours, everything has been very green, and… Continue reading

Where to Bite Vegetarian Fusion – NYC [The Traveling Bite]

Hello again! For those of you who didn’t get my Facebook update [and if you didn’t, you should like LWB for the latest buzz] I was on a whirlwind adventure in New York… Continue reading

Where To Bite Indian – London [The Traveling Bite]

Chicken tikka masala has long been considered a favorite dish of Britain, and it is widely available in London due to the large number of Indian communities. But this iconic dish is just… Continue reading

Fresh Salsa Tapas (Or, A Little Word on Dining for Two) – CYOB

Create Your Own Bite #4 Fresh Chunky Salsa Adapted from Lauren Hendrickson on yumsugar.  4 Plum Tomatoes, Seeded and Diced 1/2 Jalapeno Pepper 1/2 Cup of Fresh Green Onions, Chopped 2 Cloves Garlic,… Continue reading

Balsamic Cabbage Slaw – CYOB

Create Your Own Bite #2: Balsamic Cabbage Slaw 1/2 Head of Green Cabbage 1 Medium Red Delicious Apple 1/2 Cup of Celery 1/4 Cup of Maple Grove Farms Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette This… Continue reading