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A Little Word on Nowruz

If you missed my recent article on Travel + Leisure’s blog, Carry On, announcing the under-appreciated Persian New Year, you may not have made it to Bread and Salt Hospitality’s Nowruz Dinner and Book Signing last Sunday. That,… Continue reading

Where To Bite Kenmore Square [The Traveling Bite]

Hello, my most patient readers. My apologies for the missed post last week. I was traveling – and, for your reading pleasure – turned my trip into the first Traveling Bite Travelogue for… Continue reading

A Little Word on “Meaty Veggies”

For those of you also enduring the results of Nemo with me here on the East Coast, you have my sympathies.  It’s been a long weekend – with impassable sidewalks, closed gyms and… Continue reading

Ginger Sweet Potato Soup with Focaccia Croutons – CYOB

Create Your Own Bite #18 Ginger Sweet Potato Soup 1 Large Sweet Potato, Peeled and Diced 2 Teaspoons Fresh Sliced Ginger Root 3 Cups Water, Separated 1 Packet Splenda, or No-Calorie Sugar Pinch… Continue reading

A Little Word With Chef Josh Lewin – From Allandale Farm to Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro

Hoping the rain will hold off, Chef Josh Lewin drives out of Beacon Hill and heads toward Allandale Farm in Brookline.  The damp November afternoon doesn’t keep Lewin from making a personal trip… Continue reading