A Little Word on Mini Toast

What A Perfect Bite Looks Like

Taking the all-American breakfast and shrinking it down into one little bite.

My latest discovery is the unrealistically cute mini toast, from Trader Joe’s.  At only 40 calories for 5 mini toasts, I’ve made it my mission to find all the different ways to serve up this snack.

Pictured above is the bite-sized breakfast I put together with my roommate today.  That’s real egg whites, real cheddar cheese and real applewood smoked bacon. I’ll admit, being a vegetarian I had to remove the bacon after photographing our creation.  But I spent the rest of the night arranging a number of different scaled-down treats to serve up on mini toast.

An quintet of scaled-down snacks.

The bottom left is one of my favorite flavor combinations to this day, the classic union of Fruit and Cheese.

o My mini toast variation on The Thinking Cup’s goat cheese, arugula and apricot jam sandwich.  This mini toast is topped with Stonewall Kitchen’s Peach Pomegranate Jam, a smear of Laughing Cow Light Creamy Swiss, and a slice of peach to finnish. An arugula leaf would work perfectly here, too.  Estimated calories: 30

Moving on to the top left, a nod to the Classic Cheese Pizza.

o By topping the toast with some of Trader Joe’s Traditional Marinara Sauce, Trader Joe’s Fat Free Crumbled Feta, and a pinch of fat-free mild shredded cheddar, I was able to recreate the traditional flavors of cheese pizza after popping the mini-slice in the oven for 15 seconds. Estimated calories: 15

Top and center, The Vegetarian Elvis Sandwich, deconstructed and miniaturized.

o Okay, so there’s no bacon to begin with. But I turned this childhood favorite into a sweet little bite by knocking off the guilt and sprinkling the toast with a touch of brown sugar, instead of bacon bits. If you’re a carnivore, I encourage you to switch it up with the latter.

This bite was as easy to make as it gets.  A little spread of Jif Reduced Fat Peanut Butter, a single medallion of fresh banana and a brown sugar garnish.  I imagine this mini toast would also be delicious after a few seconds orbiting around the microwave, too. Estimated calories: 40

In the top right, another miniature dessert, somewhere between a slice of pie and Apple Cider Tea and Honey.

o After spreading a little Trader Joe’s Honey Apple Butter on the mini toast, I added a slice of gala apple and a little sprinkle of ground cinnamon.  The crunch of the apple is a nice textural contrast to the super-smooth butter. Estimated calories: 20

And finally, in the bottom right corner, if Pumpkin Nut Bread were a mini-toast.

o  I recently ran out of my Williams-Sonoma Pecan Pumpkin Butter, and it’s seasonal.  In order to fill my craving for the stuff, my roommate and I whipped up a very basic, low-sugar pumpkin butter (more on that later!) which I used in this treat.

This mini toast is a layer of pumpkin butter, a drop of Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar Free Maple Syrup, and a single crushed cashew.  Estimated calories: 35

Any ideas for future mini-toast platters? I’d love to hear them! And if any of these worked for you, I’d love to know that too!

Off to find another little bite,